Home Grown

No not the green leafy substance. Orange and brown with four legs.


While chopping the best field of hay on the property and as the uncut grass rows got slimmer and slimmer this doe stepped out of the woods when I got to the end of the row.



By the time I made the turn she was all the way up to the uncut grass.




Her behavior was unusual which led me to believe she had a fawn hidden in the grass. I tried to drive up and get her picture but she spooked, ran a short distance and stopped.




I gave her the field back and warned her I would return tomorrow to finish mowing. As I retreated she came right back up to the uncut grass.

As I was about to leave I looked in the field behind the barn and two bucks stepped out. Long shot for a cell phone camera but if you look close you can see the antlers on the deer on the left.




I took a walk in the woods where we reclaimed some apple trees in March. The crowns are fruit rich.
Jewel Weed or ‘Snap Dragons’ we call it as kids is the ground cover in the woods. Deer are browsing the leaves and the hollow, moisture laden, stocks. The red oak trees look to have abundant acorns forming.


Our habitat work is coming full circle. Thank you, Tim, for allowing us to farm for wildlife.


Saw the two bucks come out of the woods where we made an opening and took down the old fence this spring.
As I made the turn in the lower end of the northern field I looked up thirty yards on the hill and there were three deer standing there looking me over. The boldest was the spike buck. The two does stayed to the rear. Got a shaky video of them as I drove past.


The fields are done. That makes six whitetails to add to the inventory and the cameras still need to be put out.


Grass, apple and oak fed venison. My kind of home grown.

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