Lobster Appreciation Day

Today is family, friends and landowner appreciation day. I don’t sell the bugs for money, I trade them. I saved most of last week’s catch (personal consumption got in the way). Along with today’s haul there were enough lobsters to make my rounds.

This year was very special. On my way to pick up the lobsters in my keeper car I saw my oyster farmer friend tending his flat. Moored my boat against his platform and lobsters were traded for oysters. I let him know his oysters were going to a couple who live on the shores of Great Bay. These two lovely people mentored me as my passion for this waterway grew. Both are getting up there in age. Tonging up oysters or digging a peck of clams is a little beyond their current stamina. But that never lessens the appetite. My visit was short and brief but nevertheless increased our friendship.  Thank you for all the upland bird hunting books. I love you Dick and Jane!


A real joy I cherish is when I show up, most times unexpected, at this time of year, is the faces of those that are about to receive. Smiles from ear to ear. The way life should be. These simple gifts keep the doors open to hunting and fishing privileges on private land.

The dark skies to the west warned of an impending thunderstorm. Thought I had it beat until I pulled down our street and the heavens opened up. Got soaked from the truck to the back door it was raining that hard.

But I wasn’t done. There were still a few scattered clawed ones in the cooler so it was back outside for a second drenching to retrieve the booty.

After the storm passed so did the lobsters pass, right into the boiler. The weather forecast for tomorrow is for a bright sunny low humidity day. I see lobster rolls and a Great Bay boat ride in store.

Thank you Lord for thou art is blessed.


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