Bug’s and Bass 2

June 10, 2017

Checked the bridge before heading out to drown more traps and the herring were thick.

Fresh bait is good. Free bait is best.


First check produced a few bugs. Wicked hard shell.

Gonnah need a hammah!



Meet Sledge

Gotta be all of three pounds.


I call him Sledge because I’m going to need a sledge hammer to get the meat out.

About a pound per trap yesterday. The bugs are starting to crawl.


Shawn came with me today. 20 traps, 3 keepers. Not so good. Wicked red crabs this year. I think they are eating my fish bait before it can make a scent trail. I’m using commercial cow hide bait for the reason that when the fish bait is gone the cow bait still fishes 24/7. But it lacks the calling power.



Father’s Day with Shawn at our camp on the east side of a sleepy western Maine mountain. We did landscaping and enjoyed a lobster lunch in memory of my dad.



Since the crabs have been devouring my herring I wanted to do a mid week check. 20 traps, 11 keepers now in the car. Will check this weekend and then have a family boil.

I can get used to that. :)

Eel traps were empty. No bait. I need horseshoe crabs bad. Have a couple dozen eels in the five gallon bucket converted to a keeper car hanging off the dock. Time to start the Bass portion of summer.

Spent a gorgeous sunny afternoon OTW with my better half checking lobster pots today. A negative 1.4′ tide delayed our start. There are a few places in the river even at a normal low tide that are very shallow.

If you remember a couple years ago in one of my best spots I met two ladies on their moored boat who complained my buoy was too close to their boat. Even at times rubbing up against it. Instead of being a dickhead lobsterman and seeing the bugs from the just pulled trap I gave them a few lobsters.

As we pulled up to the trap today those fine looking ladies were on their boat. I pulled the trap and Karen banded three keeper lobsters. From there we pulled up to their boat, I introduced my wife and we gave them the bounty. Turns out there were five blondes on the water, my wife, the two ladies and their two yellow dogs.

Very pleasing afternoon on these aging eyes.

My son’s father-in-law rented a slip in Upper Little Bay this summer. That is at the end of my line. I knew he was going striper fishing today so when we pulled the last trap I called him. They were just tying up. Told him we had some lobsters for him. He was excited because they were having a cookout when he got home.

Got a text from him later in the day saying the whole family thanked us.

Lobsters have special way of creating smiles. (except for hungry little girls)




Outgoing tide, no wind, plenty of eels in the car hanging off the dock. Time to fish.


Got half way through the Bay and turned around to review the sky. CRAP! Two T-storms coming. One to my south, one to my north. Both heading east on a collision course with the fishing grounds. Gave it a little thought, erred on the side of caution and turned around.


Back at the dock I took this picture of the southern storm. Seeing its position I thought it might be raining at home. Just as the Ford was pulling into the driveway the heavens opened up.


I think both storms missed the Bay. My co-worker who lives to the north told me the rain got there at 20:30. Still haven’t wet a line this summer. But it is time!



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