Sleepy Jakes


In the woods with Shawn at 0430 yesterday morning. Turkeys start gobbling 360 degrees. At least six. The bulk of them on private property across the street. Turkeys shut down after 6AM. Decide we are going to hike into the back side of the property across the street. Requires at least an hour walk on nice trails.
We get there about 0800, call, nothing. Keep calling, nothing. That is turkey hunting. Continue on our journey to the powerlines. The only thing we see are two joggers and a mountain biker. All pleasant, interested in our hunt. Nothing at the powerlines so we walk back, call again where the turkeys were ripping at 0500, nothing. Skeeters were thick. Made the walk back unpleasant.
Two coffees and bagels to go at Aroma Joes and we were back at our starting point about 10AM.
We had heard one on our side of the road first thing in the morning from our hide. He would gobble but not come. Shawn heard hens. So we went back to the property line and after a couple series of calls, gobble gobble. We got set up and the next gobble was closer. Sounded like two. A couple clucks and the next gobbles were right on top of Shawn. I could not see the turkeys.
At first he didn’t want to shoot. He said they laid down in front of him and he swears fell asleep. Having hunted since opening weekend with lots of early morning wake ups and long miles he waited until the closer one lifted its head up and his 2017 turkey season was over.
15 pounds.


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