Easy Button Gobbler


This had to be my quickest NH gobbler season ever. Went over last night and converted an oak tree in the field overgrown with multi flora rose and buckthorn into my hide.

This is the same tree we took Nate’s youth season gobbler picture in front of. The rose was a challenge. This morning my arms say I lost the fight.




I didn’t call him in. I called his girlfriend in. When she yelped on the ground I sent back some challenge talk on my slate. That wound her tight. She was at the decoy in no time scolding it with fighting purrs and whines. She went into half strut and walked circles around Henrietta. She was saying some bad stuff.


He stayed just out of the sweet spot while she tended to her challenger. Took a few minutes but with each step he came closer. When I lifted the gun to shoot he saw the movement and stood up straight and tall.


The red dot found its mark at 0515.



Official check station 23 pounds 10″ beard 3/4 inch spurs.


This was an Easy Button Gobbler. We all deserve that once in a while. I’ll take it.




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